5 Abayas For Your Winter Wardrobe

As the temperature keeps dropping I find myself drawn to anything that’s wool or tweed or heavily textured and luckily for me, I’m not the only one. Designers have created lots of beautiful abayas layered with tweeds, full of texture, wool, heavy polyester and even knits. Here are 5 gorgeous Abayas from one of my favorite Emirati labels DAS, that would be perfect for your Winter Wardrobe.

1. Yellow Tweed


This Emirati brand has long been a favorite of mine and I must say they don’t disappoint. I love this Tweed Abaya for the color contrast, for the texture and for the cut and drape. This Abaya would command respect in the Board Room, be stylish at the Library and look perfect in School. And lets not forget the best part, it would keep you warm and toasty!

2. Queen of the North

The instant I saw this abaya I got visions of scenes from Game of Thrones or any other viking or olden days epic where people needed to sit in front of a roaring fire to keep warm. With tempretures expected to drop to around 12 degrees in places like Sokoto and Kano, pretty soon, this Abaya won’t just be stylish it will also be highly functional.

3. Royally Blue

My favorite color in 2014 was blue in all its shades; whether teal or turquoise and especially royal blue! If anything, that love affair only intensified in 2016 which is why I adore the snippets of blue in this Abaya. I think it elevates the design and complements beautifully the grey tweed.

4. City Safari


I think the New Yorker in me will always be drawn to grey and black. There’s something so effortless, timeless and classic about those colors that its easy to see why its the New York uniform. This camel-grey Abaya shows that it’s not afraid of color, while still being muted enough for regular wear. Its sophisticated coloring and draping makes it a must have item.

5. Queen Bee

Is it just me or does this Abaya remind you of Gossip Girl? It feels like this abaya is channelling Blair Waldorf while deconstructing and ‘modestifying‘ classic preppy school uniforms. I love the details like the white piping, the pocket flaps and the contrasting colors.

Which Abayas do you plan on snuggling in this winter?

Nusrah Wali

Nusrah is the editor of Daily Hijabi and UMMAH Magazines. She is a voracious reader who loves all things pretty. Occasionally she lives in a motion graphics, editing and css bubble. She lives and breathes design, adores cats and wishes everyone would all just get along.

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