Hijab Art by Zahara Nowara

Zahara Nowara 1

We’ve all had a function to attend where we spent hours in frustration as the pile of pashminas, silk shaylas and textured scarves grew beside us. Sometimes no matter how many different colors and textures of scarves we have, we can’t seem to find the right one that goes perfectly with our evening dress, wedding dress, or eid outfit.

Thankfully there’s a new fancy hijab line called Zahara Nowara. Not only are their hijabs stylish and elegant, some with pearls, roses, and even a tiara, but they can also create custom looks for you based on your outfit or event. They’ve nicknamed their hijabs Evejabs because they’re fancy and usually for evening wear.

I already have a few favorites. I wish they would give them all names, so that I could say that I love the Tiara for example or the Ruched Fuchsia, and the Pearly White. Perhaps the best news is that they ship internationally. So hurry! Perhaps if you place your orders now they’ll make it to you in time for Eid.


Feast your eyes on their amazing collection at Zahara Nowara


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